Meet Dad McEvil

One of the things I love to include in every comic I create is the Easter Egg. One of the big ones in STEVE L. MCEVIL is the character, Dad McEvil. Dad is absolutely based on my character Darin from Imagine THIS, as well as the hoo-man character from HOW TO CAT.

But there’s a reason for that! Each of these characters are all, sort of, based on me. AND, believe it or note, this character is actually an iteration, of an iteration, of an iteration, of a caricature I made of myself almost two decades ago. Only, I don’t wear glasses these days, nor am I that…well, thin.

But more importantly, Dad McEvil’s story is actually very similar to my own — a comic artist struggling to find work in an age beyond newspapers. And for that reason, Dad McEvil will always have a special place in my heart.

Also, Dad DOES have a first name — which we will learn in Steve L. McEvil 2, coming next Spring!

Dad McEvil asks Gramps McEvil for feedback on his new comic idea.